Saturday, April 29, 2006

How ya like D'em Apples?

First day of my Anatomy and Physiology class,
Dr. Bacchus said, "If you wanna get a C or a D, you'll need to spend a few hours each day studying the material out of class"

I got an "A"

How ya like D'em Apples?

Well, don't start the couch-burning yet, Morgantown. While I received an A in my Adaptive class, we still have the douchebag from Measurement to contend with.

This is the same asshole that gave me a 'B' last semester in a class where nobody but me answered any of the questions in class and everybody looked to me for the answers before the tests.

The same jerkoff that screwed up one of the tests earlier in the semester in this class and I had to literally bitch-slap to have him understand that he screwed up. (I cursed him out and then complained to the head of department).

The same balls-on-chin m'Fer that admitted that he screwed up the test, but didn't change my grade.

The same 'tard that gave us a review sheet 3 hours before the final. The final that had 5 questions that were exactly the same. (I mean word-for-word)

This is the same fuckhole that will probably give me a 'B' in this class, but I fight til the death to get my A.

Why does it matter? First, the principle of the thing. Second, I'd like the opportunity to go to grad school (for Sports Psychology). and finally, I've never gotten straight A's! That dickhead stole that from me last semester (3.58gpa instead)

So, this semester I'm gonna make pie outta his apples! Can I get a Hells-Yea?!


Law-Rah said...

I HATE that professors can be so arbitrary. "Yeah, I screwed up on the test but guess what? I'm the teacher! So there." They really should have rules against that!

honeykbee said...

HELLA YEAH! Mmm...pah...

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