Monday, April 17, 2006

Favorite Casino of the Trip

I'm home. Safe, sound, tired as shit. I can't really get into anything today because I didn't do ANY of the work I took with me on my trip. But for those loyal listeners, thanks for continuing to stop by and I promise to nap a few more times before trying to put together complete sentences.
Trust me, nobody wants to hear the absolute non-sense that would come outta my mouth at this point....isn't it bad enough when I've had Enough sleep?

Btw, as a warning. If anybody asks me how my trip was, one more time, this site is gone forever....and I'm never talking to that person again. I shit you NOT!

Talk to ya in a few days


honeykbee said...

That's too easy. I won't ask.


Anonymous said...

looks like B's grumpy and not in a good mood. i guess hell froze over...

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