Monday, April 24, 2006

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Welcome back to me. So here's a big F You to the run of luck I won't speak of.

Anyway, so like anytime I get down and need to just chill and lose myself, I've been taking in a lot of music.
Isn't music just great like that? Whatever you need, music has it. You're down and wanna stay down, there are more depressing songs than I could ever list (as the list grows by the second). You wanna go up from there, it can do that too. Some douchebag is yabbering on at the poker table, trying to take you outta your game, boom: Ipod! (Pictures from Vegas will be coming)

Some guy actually asked me why I didn't have a nano and only the mini. Like it matters.
I just told him that with my stubby fingers, how could I possibly manipulate a little thing like a nano...then put on my headphones ;)

Nice guy from Texas, but just not a conversation I need to carry-on. I had a little tribute to him and threw on some Stevie Ray Vaughan, as this kid was from Austin (the final resting place of Stevie's body).
Anyway, so music man. Such a great thing. Stolen or not (Let's try not to get into the whole "DL from the internet is wrong" conversation), I think it's a wonderful tool and if you play (which I do), then it's a wonderful outlet.

3 more days til CUC can finally kiss my WHITE ass. Ok ok, I won't get into the reverse racism that goes on at that school, or the fact that one of my professors has sent me an email he was to send last Thursday, telling me what to study for the final I have in 3 hours from now. (I just got the email 45 minutes ago)

I'll leave you all to respond with what music brings you to special places.
For example:

Run Like Hell-Pink Floyd (Pulse, Disc 2): Gets me excited and hyped

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Jack Johnson (basically anything by JJ): relaxes me

Burn One Down - Ben Harper: If you've heard the song, you know the mood

Gimme yours! I'm always up for new musical tastes.


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