Monday, March 13, 2006


ok. here we go. It's late and I don't feel like adding more, so this is my halfassed post.

So of course I watched it last night (well, sunday) and jesus chirst they get right to it. Uncle June shoots Tony. There ya have it, your season opener of The Sopranos.

It started out and finishes through the credits, a sweet list of.....I have no idea but it was cool. And here's where you as the reader come in: Post the origin for the speech--> Win a Cool Prize. Yes, shipping is included.

But I digress, as we could have a days worth of literary conjecture regarding this episode and season that follows, but if you want that kinda shit, go vomit your opinion (unless it's to the point..which i'm happy to read) HERE. It ain't no Godfather, especially with the show ending in 2007!

That's right sports fans, The Sopranos will pull a LOST and cut the season into parts. Aren't they sweet?


A special thanks to David and June for putting up with us watching it. Maybe you'll get into it too? Good to see you two either way, even if it was only for an evening.

Why only an evening? Cause K and I and Friends were away for a weekend packed with the fun of Horseback Riding*pictures coming soon, past on the Buffalo Jerky and we tried to see some friends, but alas Claws 'n' Paws is closed til May. I'd like to give a special thanks to CVS for the savory snacks to munch on for lunch.

Twas a sunny warm day
til we got 40 minutes away
where clouds
covered our fun.

Still we trotted on
through forest and yes, snow
up hills and through brookes
I made 'Dolly' go.

So why am I up at 3:01am? I took a nap. I'm going back to join K now. I can still get like 4 hours more. (I napped from 530-9)


Here comes further Family Guy Fun

Back to training. Gonna try to Tri. Or Tri
....and for my Nevada Friend, a Special Invitation

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