Monday, March 27, 2006

A Note From the Reader

Please find below a different version of a previous one sided monologue of which I was not present, and honestly have no right to edit in any way shape or form:

However this is how I feel "B" might have responded if given the chance to actually utilize the self improvement techniques he is trying as of late.

His original text is found in red.

Fuck you, if my grammer is screwy!

Pardon me if you mistook the semantics of my prose.

J/k. I'll try to look over my shit from now on. I know it's been a problem, even in my last post and that might make it more difficult for y'all to read my funny and interesting posts.
Of course, I jest. Further investigation of this matter is required by me here to fore.
I now realize how devastating this miscommunication may have been interpreted by you the viewer; however I in no way want to diverge you from enjoying them (the blogs that is) in

Again, I'll work on it.

I shall not rest with this matter on my soul.
waahhhhhhh......I'm an English major and can't deal with a F-up here and there....

Empathetic cries fill my heart..... I've studied under the great literary's of our time, yet I find it a personal hardship to cope with such insignificant issues on occasion

Empathetic Cries

---End Post---


Needtsza said...

ah. a guest posting. ok. enough of that for the moment, though I appreciate the effort.

Time for ya to post to your own blog before you get clearance for here, stud.

now go:

Scott said...

B-O-O H-O-O F'ing WAH! now get over it.

honeykbee said...

Oooh! I likie the guest type posting thing! Don't chase dagince away!


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