Monday, February 06, 2006

Eldorado Caddillac Acid

B-Dog or B-Log, or whomever it is that running this thing let me in so its his fault.

I rarely speak about myself and today is no exception:
I will however be relaying information dealing with
my views on listening to ones self.
So shall we begin.

A. A person is only that which others will accept.
2. Only ever listen to the little voice inside.
C. If in doubt of self refer to number 'A' for guidance.
D. Disregard the voice in you heard if it argues with the little voice inside.


A voice is only that of a collection of sounds that somehow makes you understand or misunderstand that which is being presented to you in a fasion through your ears.

Sound is only an interpertation of the disruption of air molecules in the air surrounding your head.
With that being said and clearly stated as it were, its easy to understand that of which has been published here today. However if its loyalities still lie deep with in the muddy, then let me sum for you.

Simply put:
If you are running around having debate and there is no one else around to hear it, you very well may be the only person in the world that knows what the falling tree sounds like.

This kind of knowledge would be helpfull to the rest of us seeing as the rainforests are dying out.


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