Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So much to say...so much to say...so much to say!


Ok, that's outta the way. I mean really, I'm not one for the whole "new year" thing. Any holiday can basically kiss my ass while we're at it. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's day; yea.

I am however working on a "Best Of" quotes for 2005. There is just ssooo much to go through, ya gotta give me a minute. Not to mention I'm busy studying for the 3-part Praxis exam (Passed Math, have reading tommorrow and writing the next day), falling behind on sleep again (had to stay up last night WVU ROCKED THE HOUSE) and many other things I'll get into in a minute.

Lets start off with the Topic of the Day: Congratulations to the 2006 Nokia Sugar Bowl Champions: the WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEERS!!!!

In other Important News:
Baby baby baby baby baby!!

Ok, maybe just two but so very cute. Both were born last year, but on the same day! Day before Thanksgiving, day before one of my best friend's 30th bd. Here are a couple links (links will come when approved, it's a legal thang) to check out these cuties:

John Hyams - Son of Kate and Johnny Hyams, West Virginia buddies that are cool enough to let the Beaker-Streaker have a crack at corrupting this lil'mountaineer.

Allyson Rebekah Braude - Daughter of Nick and Lisa Braude, my "not really" cousin Nick and his wife. Super cool peeps that used to live here but have taken to a new and wonderful life in the Windy City.

Ok, I'll have more later today, but first...the Praxis: Part Dux (passed the Math already)

and could I GET more spam from Craigslist?

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