Sunday, January 22, 2006

THE NEW BLOG IDEA - Daily Rant 01/21/04

....and fuck you very much, Jack.

The new format is just the old format, but I've gotten some feedback on what type of blog my blog basically sounds like. So I stop'd and thought about it. Not like I put a ton into it.

My version of Today's Headlines:

Mocha = Death
Because Starbucks isn't difficult enuff to dysphyer, we're lucky enough to have this jerkoff gives his account for the experience. Feel free to Vote Here and help the Earth, recycle on your own time. I will admit that it's a good stock though.

Let this begin with the last movie I got the displeasure of watching, "Closer." The 2001 film that almost made me kill myself again and again!

Welcome to a regular New Reader and their Blog.

It's to slow it down from the anger that will take up a bunch of this blog
Gotta love a sport that Racquetball Where I should be ranked, you ask? Lemme make the bitches at my dumbass school eat my butt first, but I'd have to be up there some place!
Time for the Random Crap section of the blog:

Sounds as if Stern is getting Burned on Sirius, but I'm sure it won't last long.

We watched the dead and gone show "Dead Like Me" this morning (the Schedule) but that was after watching the 40-yr old virgin celebrate the 80's with songs like "Heat of the Moment."

Now like most of my blog.....Everything, let me end without really saying shit, a single thought or even writing a full sentence.

Favorite Convo section of the day:
me (2:55:23 AM): yea. a great day:-)
me (2:55:32 AM): k is now literally tied to the couch
the_root_of_nyu_slaves (2:55:40 AM): she's literally tied??
me (2:56:19 AM): yea. Jake's blanket grabbed her sock
me (2:56:30 AM): i freed her:-)
the root_of_nyu_slaves (2:56:38 AM): good boyfriend.

Oh, and guest bloggers get yourself set, as I will be inviting you over the next 2 days. K and Donnie Darko and anybody else.............

Please feel free to visit and bookmark my new site, PICTURES Only and a section for JOKES Only
Later Losers


Joel said...

Blog Police here. 1) "dysphyer"? and 2) following the link you provided, Closer is a 2004 film!!!

honeykbee said...

Sweetie, do you see that little check mark looking icon up there? It might be worth a click-see.

In the meantime, Hoorah for the blog police!!!

Also, thanks for typing away while I was trembling in fear that the couch might eat me.

Needtsza said...

You smart people you. My next rant might just be about how I could give a shit about spelling and the people that correct me!


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