Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bringing in the Wheat

Sitting here in a place I've never been,
As a guest in someones cyber cerebellum ...I oddly
feel ok with the concept. Adding thought and
prose to someones "sub"life's work, a hidden agenda
of ideas and feelings that I am now (well for now... at the least)
privy to...I guess I feel a bit dirty..but the guuud kind of dirty...
I may have shared too much there...So I'm gonna go kick this guy in his
hyper hippocampus and make him cry about a something in his not so distant past, like when he was caught mining nose gold last tuesday at the traffic light on 67th and Daweson!!! BURNNNNN!!!...Anywhichway....when I find out anything and I mean anything that would make his readers laugh..I will post haste in posting.

Thats right ALL the Tea!...


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