Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Bold and the .............

**From Saturday, Jan. 28, 2005

Well, thank you DaGince for your 'guest' contribution. I don't think you scared all my readers.

At any rate, on Saturday we survived the frreezzing water of the Polar Bear Plunge. I don't get why people would willingly do this crap on the regular. I mean, for charity, ok. But every Saturday? F that! I even got interviewed! Thank you crazy lady from the Baltimore Sun for coming up to me while my feet burned from the ice and my balls slowly came to a lighter shade of purple. (I can't believe I didn't curse)
And it was all worth it, for I got to visit an old friend Seattle's Best Coffee Logo in this Starbucks Nation.

To see more of the fun that was had, please check out my PICTURES site

I've taken to Johnny Cash and learning THIS SONG as I'm reinspired by going and seeing the movie again. That's right, I had to see it again and K humor'd me by taking me out and seeing it again, though it woulda been easy to miss it.
After our rough morning, I talked K into lying down, and staying for a 3 1/2 hour nap. Aaaaaahh, just what I needed.

I miss Zaxxon and Wings of Fury. This is actually where I found my alias; Furye but that's a whole other series of stories from my childhood. I guess I'll have to rant about another time.

Given this is the start of SuperBowl Week, I'm happy to send you a Super Ebay Funny. *expries in 5 days from this post*


- Robyn, we all love you with all our hearts!!!

- Lysa at College

Watch out for our next potential adventure:

February 25, 2006 @ 12pm


OK, the link I was gonna leave y'all with no longer works, so I'll leave you with a jokie I thought of this morning in the shower:

Seventh-Day Adventists make the Pope look Jewish.

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