Saturday, December 31, 2005

Fun Links ....and Sales Sales Sales

Dress ya compoooter and sooopa important documents up real proooty in the breakfast buffet.

I still can't beat this fuckin' game

we went and saw Wicked and it was great

Ipod has a flaw? Earphones Only

You've heard of the Worm that is coming, THIS might help?

You believe I might have to deal with this shit?

Happy Holidays!

We gotta get rid of Comcast and sign up for Netflix.

For now, K signed us up for Peerflix. Its sweet! (Or so we'll see)

This is a pretty cool game.

While a lot of people have Nanos, you can buy my 4G Mini.

If you have a blog, you might like THIS.

Speaking of computer stuff, My friend Scott showed me THIS. Karen bought one a few years ago. Not a bad bag for the $$.

Turkey is an excellent source of Protein.

1 comment:

honeykbee said...

Things I have learned from your Bearlog:
1) I am clearly NOT a dude.
2) Your ipod is for sale. In many, many places.
3) That turkey cornicopia is well beyond it's 15 minutes

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