Monday, November 28, 2005

Starting Weight Watchers and with a new client tommorrow.

I get to eat as much shit as I want today. Horraahh!!! I'm fat as shit!!!! Tommorrow, its all over.

Lots of using the new gym. Think my Physical Therapy will be over soon too. So I should be putting in my final papers to Geico and getting that money.

Lets the months of self-rehab begin.

Saw a bunch of movies yesterday and have a ton of homework to do, so should be up late.

Go Jets. Will blog later, as I'm sure to be bored during studytime.

Btw, my IM is: Needtsza in case you don't know already


honeykbee said...

"Needtsza"? Wtf does that mean?

Wicked Teacher of the West said...

You're on weight watchers?

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