Thursday, November 17, 2005

Only a month left

King Of The Stupid

My schedule, as I remember it (and have been told, as things tend to change with this crew)
Wait...lemme speak on that for a minute. I get here nice and early and I'm thinking that I'm running about 5 minutes late. Shit.
Oh Feeewwww, I found a parking space. Usually it takes literally 10 minutes, which I never have to spare but oh well.
So I jet over to my classroom, which again luckily, not far from my spot. Is this sweet or what!?

Get there

No teacher. One kid sitting with her new Black Nano. Lemme tell you, that thing makes my mini look and feel heavy, but anyway...about 5 minutes and 2 students later, the teacher comes. Ok cool. I'm all early and shit and this is a joke class anyway (Intro to PE). I mean, I can teach this shit. Seriously, its not rocket science. Maybe its that I'm 10 years older than everyone else at this craphole.

We sit and he says, "You guys mind if we don't have class today?"
What What What?!
I could have stopped and gotten a coffee or even a bagel, but no.
Jerkoffs. and this isn't even close to the first time my instructors do shit like this. Last week, I didn't have 2 classes because my advisor/teacher went to the Bahamas. Shit, I wanna go on vacation in the middle of the week.

And really, I wouldn't care...No class is a good class...but I'm constantly calling her because I have no idea when our tests are. Ok, before I break my wrist, lemme give you my schedule.
(Wrist is f'd from typing so I have it all taped and wrapped up)

Introduction to Physical Education:

- Test on Tuesday. At least it's before Thanksgiving Break
- Paper due on Tuesday too. I'm gonna need my bear to help me out here. See, I can't type so well. I'm doing this entry with one hand already. (Waiting to hear all the gimp jokes..oh yea, nobody reads this. HI K, my lovey bear, my only reader) (If you do read, please leave me a message. Anything! That way I know you're alive and I can write things that interest YOU)

Sports Administration:

- Other than the project at the end of the year (Dec. 14th), I think we have one more Test but it'll be a take home; she told us it would be =)

Sports Ethics:

- Had a quiz today. Didn't do bad. I mean, I didn't even study but for about an hour last night and almost passed out before it (was up early. Whoops, reminds me to holla at this lady. NEW Personal Training CLIENT!!! WOO $$$$)

Motor Learning:

- My lab got moved until after the break! This is sweet given I haven't looked at it at All!
-I think one more test. Yea, so I got my worst grade @ CUC yet: 76% UGH. But I did beat my friend in the class. I'll be fine.

Theory of Coaching:

- Yea yea, there are assignments throughout, but they are all a means-to-an-end, as the final is the main thing to think about. No tests. Just a final. Pass or Fail. That-is-it. Open book, at home, online (I believe). So no worries, Yet


Still doing the Saturday thing $20/hr and college credit. phatty deal. Oh oh oh. So they had a flag football game last night that I would have had to Ref but Very Lucky me, I have the Saturday football games. True I have to get up early, 10am on every Saturday, but A. This Saturday is my final one (I'm gonna miss my $120/week) and B. It was POURING last night and the Ref class had to be out there! HA! ha! like 40 degrees, rain,!!!!
Volleyball is coming next. Monday nights 630-9pm. Same place, same money. Best class ever!

Elementary Methods:

- Never had one class! No tests. No quizzes. The teacher and I decided that a paper would suffice. As long as show that I know wtf I'm talking about, all is well =)
Magic finger lady might have to assist, but lets just hope this pain shit goes away. Can't even blame the accident on this one. (Stupid fucking Va kid)

7pm Class (aka Secondary Reading Methods):

Yes, I'm actually taking a reading course as a PE Teaching major. "Uh...can you read a scoreboard?" Who knows. Md requirement.

So, I have a final, two more in-class tests, and some other shit. Who cares, basically. I hate the class. Its not difficult except trying to stay awake. Projects and shit, but I can redo anything I fuck up (only one so far). Either way, F this the A! ;)

In closing, I'd like to thank the kid in Va for the pain I feel every moment of every day. Tylenol with Codine helped for a while, but Darvacet has become a nothing-drug now! Meanwhile, I need to talk to a doctor about getting a refill, as its the only thing that numbs it even a little. Plus, I'm using my private stash at the moment. (This ain't my first accident. I AM an athlete.)

So that's basically what's going on with school.....

....Meanwhile ICSGreg hit me up and told me that 'the crew' now plays some dumbass game which I'm sure to get into, but this is the same kid that made fun of me when I was playing Kings of Chaos. Don't even ask.

- B

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This might have been my all time favorite post. You ROCK

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