Monday, October 10, 2005

Fuck you very much :)

As we all (well, some of us) get back to the weekly grind of work and school (even though some of you think it's a fucking vacation day if you don't go to class), I thought I'd pass along a cure.

Too bad it doesn't cure people from bitching about your driving, just because you're not doing it the way that they do it (even if you never get on them about their shitty driving). Or people from getting on the phone next to you when you've asked them a billion times to be respectful and leave the room as I don't sit in the next to them and bother them when on the phone (for the most part).
I know it's extremely difficult to think about these simple, respectful things.

Speaking of driving and dumb fucking things.....First off, I'm fine (mostly) after my car accident on Friday.
I went and visited my grandmother in Virginia (NJ ain't got nothin' on the'Pile of Crap' that is Virginia) in the pouring rain.
Got there fine, hung out and my aunt even showed up. I got to show them both pictures from our (K and me) trip to Amsterdam after a mini-lunch.
I get in my car, put on my seatbelt, turned on my lights and wipers and headed out to I-95. This was just around 215pm, before the usual bullshit traffic hits and you're stuck for hours on end, wasting $3.09/gallon.
So I'm driving along and on this 3-lane road, a bus in the far right lane stops to drop off kids from school. You know the kinda long yellow school bus with the flash red lights and stop sign out to the side.
Well, I'm in the middle lane and while another car decided that the stop sign wasn't All the way out and ran it, I stopped. I know it's amazing. I'm following all the rules.
My mistake.
Jackass dumbfuck comes FLYING down the road and slams into the back of me. (I'll publish pictures after I finish studying)
Maxima gets shoved forward, which luckily there was no one in front of me.
I get out into the rain after yelled a couple of obscenities toward the driver (inside the car show "reject #1" can't hear me). I get out to see that his Ford Escort behind me has shattered like glass while my bumper is in the trunk.
It's wonderful because now we have to exchange insurance information in the pouring rain.
Jerkoff that he is, doesn't ask if I'm alright. I have to ask Him, then he asks. We both report feeling ok, except that my neck hurts.
Long story short, it cost me pain the neck (and an emergency care visit) with a minimum of $1200.00 worth of damage to the car that obviously has an infra-red Target on it, where other cars are magnetically attracted (3rd accident this year. ALL not my a car that's less than 2 years mine. It's a 97).

Needless to say, I'm never driving in Va. again. People will just have to drive me to see my Grandmother (mom goes down every week, mostly). I hate them and they hate me.

And I guess I should just drive alone, given that people can't just shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride.....Their car or not. (not that it stops them in my car either, just for the record)

Well, like I said, I have studying to do on my "day off" (fuck you) so I'm gonna get back to that.

Enjoy your time of sitting on your ass people. Some of you even deserve it.


EBC3 said...

Sorry about your luck. Have you considered decaf?

Joel said...

shit, dude, you ok?

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