Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What would you say?

It won't kill but it'll get ya blasted

Watching Nate take off his emotional cloak and jump right in.

Man, this stuff is good.

K got to read it, now I've seen it, tell her, before she even reads this. Bet? ha! I'm not fuckin' gambling anymore.
Saturday is a party and games will be played but I'm not going to gamble. Just one more time for fun.

HBO is pretty cool. Time for another channel though. Don't you just love my rambling?

Just trying to not think about tommorrow morning's stupid ass crap.
Spell-check is off tonight so just live with it.
I'm not evening looking while I type.

Smoke that cigarettte
and light up my feet.

ok, i don't know the words. Cool song though.

Speaking of, I was playing guitar today. Is there a way to rehab those things? I mean, truly? Get a deeper tone out of a 10 year old, beat up gizbox? Well, then it might just have to wait.
One of these days, I'll have what I want.

Guess what K said was true, once you make 'real' money, you wanna spend it all.
I don't know. Guess a 'real' place would be nice to go with that 'real' job blah blah

Fine. I've put it off long enough.

My school.
I'm just so tired of thinking about it. Dreading the morning.
The class is terrible.
It just blows ass in all ways possible.
I'm not a freshman. English is my first language. My father and girlfriend are Jewish. I'm still under 30 (no, I don't really give a S*** but it's something that funny people write/say).

Then there's the small table tops of the desks so you have to have 3, in order to do ANYTHING! What am I 5? Can I please put my 64 crayon cannon in my desk at least? Fucking rediculous...tip of the iceburg.
Let's see, Takoma Park, MD is like....the , shitty with it's bright spots. This school isn't one of em at 9am, but at least I don't have to travel back for another 3 1/2 the Minute! Today, the Butthole that he is, says "Oh. We have 4 minutes left. We can go over the sheet from today."
Oh, you mean the sheet you talked about throughout the whole stupid ass movie?
You know the one. The "Passion of the Christ" bullshit, History Channel non-sense that refutes EVERYTHING YOU JUST LECTURED US ABOUT.
You know ;) the one about how "The jews can't play in the NFL because they can't touch pigskin. :snicker: Well, at least the orthodox ones! :snicker:"
Yes, that's right sportsfans. Buttface likes to talk shit.
Well, he only saw the tip of the iceburg from me, if he keeps it up. (Yes, I said something to him during class, in a suttle manner, pointing out what an idiot he is. "Not that I agree or disagree with you, but can you tell me your source of information? I mean, where can I find that?"
That bitch!
Talk shit about other people's religion? In a class called, "Jesus and the Gospals"? I can take your ' Oh, we're so wonderful. Here is why being a Seventh-day Adventist is so awesome.' but you can leave your 'i hate the jews' or anything else you're about to say, to yourself.
Either way, I'll see what I can do about finding you another job.

So, as it stands....Columbia Union can kiss my ass and this teaching can eat the shit of the new baby panda at the National Zoo (so cute. was on the news earlier. And you can see them at the Zoo's Website)

This class better get better, and no matter what, your A-game better be on in the fall or it's all over.

"Just a thought. Not a Sermon."

More tommorrow cause honestly, I can't express how terrible it is to be in church for the next 13 days, but I'll try to share.

This article is right on point. Pretty sure I'm gonna give this to my teacher
Holla back. TWEED!


Joel said...

dude, just cause you lost with trip aces doesn't mean you should stop having fun. and in your class, why not bring up the fact that the bible is basically just fairy tales for the weak-minded that parents read to children? =) hang in there, yo..

honeykbee said...

You know how I feel about the imaginary friend thing. Just bite your tongue and write it all down. It's good for after class laughs. This is probably the most difficult class you're going to have to take.

Oh and Jay Fiedler is a terrible tennis player. Wonder if that's because Jews can't touch green felt fuzz?!

Needtsza said...

I should introduce this fucking cockmonkey to the cuntmonkey out in Ohio!
That fucking bitch!
Yes, I truly wouldn't be sad for a moment if she died. I'd be sorry for Jes and his family, but goodbye stupid fuckhole!

Needtsza said...

and this is my blog so i get to say such things!

Anonymous said... You got that whole 'Stream of Consciousness' thing going on there, huh? Neat.
-Chief Ninja Monkie

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