Monday, August 08, 2005

Weekend Update with Brian

Liz Phair, who was more than fair at playing and singing. The Birchmere was a sweet place too. Not loud or smokey or stupid. Was clean and fun. Decent food and 100% great fun. Jizz and his girl were there too. Seemed to be entertained by the opening act as well. Dude had a song on the Garden State soundtrack. Excellent Voice, but his songwriting ability could definately use an upgrade. Almost got busted smokin' in the parking lot. Whoops. Stupid Virginia.
Oh, then went and saw the Wedding Crashers with boobear. Not exactly the best movie I've ever seen. I recommend waiting for HBO to see it. Didn't help that the mopper gave away a pretty funny ass line, after trying to get me lost. ;)

Slept til whenever. I'm sure we ate, but I can't remember what and where we did that shit. No matter. Chilled til it was Partytime! Poker at the house. Huff didn't show as he was in AC the night before. He wasn't the only winner, as I won a whole $5.75!
Hey, at least I didn't lose $20 as I did before I bought in and won my original 20 plus back =)
Time for a break? Time will tell I guess.

Woke up. Special time. DimSum. Paper for class. Didn't do shit. Excellent day!

Well, I gotta finish my paper's final revision. Thank you mommy.

Hope everybody's ok.


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honeykbee said...

we made omelets and salty salty hashbrowns on saturday morning!

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