Thursday, July 28, 2005


10something in the morning:

So...given that most of (the only true friends I have in the world) my friends already know, I thought I could share today's stress. This issue has been-a-brewin' and gets to be dealt with once again.
Parties that will remain nameless, have a beef between them and it ain't no 'Sausage' ;)

333am next morning:

Things might just workout between the parties....well, as much as they can, but I'm still shaky on the situation.

3 more things before I sign off.

1. Congrats bear on your interview with Booz. I truly believe it will all work out for the best for you/us.

2. Love you all, will see some soon and K's blog is down for reasons that you just don't need to worry about.

3. I am good at cards. I just fucking am. I'll play anybody, tourney style. Stupid fucking cards. Twice this week I had the best hand and lost. I'm just frustrated. It'll leave as soon as I remember that I made $150 for 3 hours of bs with Discovery channel focus group, but damn it. My $40 was to be 200, as Huff and I would have split the pot.

Whatever. I guess I'm really really good at losing for no reason.



Joel said...

hoosier beef with?

Scott said...

mmmmm beeeef

honeykbee said...

I'll take the high road if someone has to. However, I suggest you either leave me home or insist that I not drink. At ALL. ltb =*

Michelle said...

Okay so speaking of cards... I found the COOLEST poker set ever and immediately thought of you two. Will be sending soon with my new Gwen Stefani CD (love it). Did anyone hear that crazy voicemail I left playing track 8? Peace. M

Anonymous said...

Dude...switch to decaf. Seriously.

-Chief Ninja Monkie

hoorhuslu said... from pool chlorine specialist.

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