Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Weddings and School and Bullshit. Oh My!

So my little cousin got married this past weekend in Va Beach. Congrats to hear and I'll get back to it but first, it is me, lemme bitch about how f'n long it took to get there and why Va blows ass.

Stupid ass -6 point state. They're just jealous that I can drive and that they have no idea what third gear is.

Here are some pictures, Thank you Seth.

Set 1
Set 2

Going to get THIS today (maybe tommorrow if I don't get out..have to workout)
There is also THIS one. Which one do you think I should get and why?

I'll expand later, but for now I have another blog to write about.


honeykbee said...

There was cleavage in the area! You don't consider age in the face of clevage! This operates on a molecular level!

Scott said...

what do you mean -6 point state? clarify please

Needtsza said...

First off, Love boobies!

and I have 6 points on my license in Va. 12 and you lose it. Dumb bastards. You don't know the Front Royal story?

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