Thursday, July 21, 2005

Four score, and 11 years...

Columbia Union College

Can you believe that I'm taking freakin' undergrad classes again? If you know me, you sadly said yes.
Well, I'm not exactly psyched about the prospect of taking classes with little 18 year old tards again. At best, the kids will be juniors and be 20. I mean crimaney, are they gonna ask me to buy them beer?! Ugh
I guess I'm supposed to be looking to the future and telling myself that this is all a means to an end. That in a year and a half, I'll have what I want: A Career.
Unlike most of the things in my world, I can't see that far into the future. Usually I take a situation and desect it til I figure out all the possible 'outs' and run the probabilities on each scenerio. This is untested waters. I've never thought about a career before, per se.
I thought about Psychology as a career, in whatever capacity that meant; and I've thought about being a fireman (and not only when I was 5); and some sort of fitness dude.
Well, I guess being a Health and Physical Education teacher is in That range of ideas.
Plus, I'd like to open a "mom and pop" gym.
Ya know the kind. Before these monsters took over every available space and yoga, pilates, dez nutz took over.
So, I have a plan for a plan for 10 years from now, but lord knows what's gonna happen!

Anyway, I digress.
Tommorrow, well today, I should have my schedule and I'll post that up so you know what a loser I am and you can see the stupid broken days I'll have.

Btw, Columbia Union. Yea. That's quite the fucking Ivy League school! What a scholar!
Actually, in the teaching circles, this school is actually well-respected, even though it's a 7-day Adventist sponsered pile of whatever.
You F'n believe I have to take religion courses?
Oh yes, I'm actually serious! Two religion courses.
Hey! It could be worse. I'm supposed to take 4! Oh oh oh. You'll love this! Every Wednesday, there's this stupid 45-min religion thing that each student is supposed to go to.
Yea. I'll be there. pppfffttt!!!!
F that! No credit? No go!
I went to a 7-day Adventist church service one time, and I honestly thought I was gonna die.
I mean, thank you Karma House for paying me to sit and sweat and take care of this idiot kids during a 4-hour service. Yes. 4-hours! I wasn't working. I wasn't trying to take care of the kids and make sure they don't misbehave. I was trying to not fall asleep or end my Own life!
So in short, I ain't going to this fucking religion thing.
Crimaney, this ain't fucking West Virginia!

WVU Helmet
My Heart will always be with You!


Joel said...

the fuck do you mean, religion classes??? are you schooling full-time?

honeykbee said...

Ooohh! Freshman meat!!

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